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​​Brite Blessings​​

With Cheryl Howdyshell.

Thank you for your interest in Brite Blessings Monthly Subscriptions.

Due to such interest in our offerings, we wanted to prepare something to honor our special clients.

We have come up with the idea to create a tier subscription that allows you the freedom and financial flexibility to still have us at arm's length, but for a much smaller investment!

Choose between the 3 options below to see what program would be the best fit for you!


Crescent Cabaret - $15

Setting intentions with:
Spirit Animal for the month
Stone of the month
Best Power Days for Manifesting
Representation of Weekday


Gibbous Gardeners - $25


Moon Phases
Monthly Herbs to Use
Best Stones to Work With
Oracle/Tarot spreads for each phase
Live Collective Reading

(You also gain access to the level above if you are enrolled in Gibbous Gardeners!)

Full Moon Fiesta $45


4 Card Reading for the Collective
Personal Tarot Numerology Year Report (birthday and email required)
Personalized Stone to Use
Special YouTube Video
Monthly Keywords & Ideas

(You also gain access to all level if you are enrolled in Full Moon Fiesta!)

We are excited to welcome you inside the subscription spaces! See you in there.