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​​Brite Blessings​​

With Cheryl Howdyshell.

Thank you for your interest in Brite Blessings Quarterly Subscriptions.

Due to such interest in our offerings, we wanted to prepare something to honor our special clients.

You will Receive:

  • Personalized Spirit Animal for each Month and how to work with it

  • Numerology of the Energy of the Month - gives insight to the vibration of the month on influences or road blocks

  • Keywords to assist you through the energy

  • Description of each Moon Phase: Full, Waning, Dark, New, Waxing

  • Personalized Stone and Herb for each Moon Phase

  • Little Bit of Spellwork during each Moon Phase

  • ​Tarot/Oracle Spreads for each Moon Phase

  • Self Care Tips for each Moon Phase

  • Eclipses or Special Moon Phases will be addressed

  • BONUS: If your birthday falls during the quarter, you will receive a Tarot Numerology Report for your year.

                                          Include in Comment Section of Payment:

                                                     Email address, Birthdate