Thank you for your interest in Brite Blessings Quarterly Subscriptions.

Due to such interest in our offerings, we wanted to prepare something to honor our special clients.

You will Receive:

  • Personalized Spirit Animal for each Month and how to work with it

  • Numerology of the Energy of the Month - gives insight to the vibration of the month on influences or road blocks

  • Keywords to assist you through the energy

  • Description of each Moon Phase: Full, Waning, Dark, New, Waxing

  • Personalized Stone and Herb for each Moon Phase

  • Little Bit of Spellwork during each Moon Phase

  • ​Tarot/Oracle Spreads for each Moon Phase

  • Self Care Tips for each Moon Phase

  • Eclipses or Special Moon Phases will be addressed

  • BONUS: If your birthday falls during the quarter, you will receive a Tarot Numerology Report for your year.

                                          Include in Comment Section of Payment:

                                                     Email address, Birthdate

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