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​​Brite Blessings​​

With Cheryl Howdyshell.

Hello friends, I'm Cheryl Howdyshell.

I am a psychic and a medium. I am clairvoyant (seeing), clairaudient (hearing), and claircognizant (knowing). I know that I have been given gifts to help others. Spirit wants to communicate with each of us. They want to tell us that they are ok and that death is not the end. They use me as a means to tell this to others.

My gifts started to appear at a very early age. At 4, I started to be visited by the spirit of a young Indian girl. She visited me off and on for over 3 years. During these formidable years I spent many hours with family members learning a great deal about spirituality, life after death, and contacting those that have passed.

​. Over the years, I have grown as a spiritualist, working with nature to continually enhance my senses. From aromatherapy to crystals, I draw on the gifts of nature. I meditate daily and teach meditation classes. I am a certified Oracle Reader, and Energy Reader, Past Life and Life Between Lives Regressionist. and Medium. This also directs me on how to help others and to see what areas that they may need help.

Now the more people I am around, the more I get from Spirit. So, the time has come for me to move forward and share my gifts with those that  are seeking answers.

So lets begin this work, together.