​Interested in learning how Dowsing Rods work?

Fascinated by Vision Work with Crystal Balls or Scrying Mirrors?

Do you know there’s more to Pendulums then “yes”, “no” questions?

What is Psychometry?

What can Oracle Cards do for me?

This course helps you work with and tune in to these practices; which in turn can bring clarity and answer questions about life purpose.​

Workbook comes complete with instructions on handling and care of tools, along with videos to help you connect with your divination devices.

$ 15

$ 20

Shadow Work

Intuitive Divination 

A 5 day long Grounding + Meditation course that allows you to awaken to your own inner guidance, your intuition!

This course not only gives you the tools you need to get through the hard tasks of life but you will also learn how to stay in alignment when everything external to you seems chaotic!

  • identifying and countering negative personal traits, as well as negative traits that society has instilled in them
  • learning to be more accepting of themselves
  • understanding the challenges other people face with their shadow selves
  • confronting trauma, grief, and other challenging emotions
  • understanding how society, childhood, and various relationships influence their lives and interactions
  • Evaluation to further discuss energy work


Consultations available for $30 per 1/2hr

Are you drawn to Wicca but don’t quite understand what it’s all about?

This course offers you entry level knowledge of the basic principles behind this religion.

  • Understanding the Elements and Directionals
  • The 8 Sabbats celebrated throughout the year
  • ​How to celebrate the Sabbats
  • The Wiccan Rede and its most valuable lesson
  • Working Tools & Alters

And So Much More!

$ 18

Grounding & Meditation Course

Developing your Psychic Abilities

Have you ever wondered if you possess any special abilities?

Are you interested in taping into those abilities?

This course shows you how to tune into your psychic power to improve your life.

You will explore:

  • Psychometry
  • Opening your senses to the different “Clair’s”
  • Aura Reading
  • Different Divination Tools
  • Guided Meditation
  • ​Workbook & Videos included


Want to dive deeper into the Magick?

This course offers you:

  • Crystals & their powerful uses
  • Moonology & the study of the different cycles
  • Lunar Magick- what crystals & herbs are associated with the phases 
  • How to set intentions with Oracle cards during the Moon cycles
  • Divination – the complete course from Pendulum work to Psychometry
  • (workbook comes complete with instructions on handling and care of tools, along with videos to help you connect to your divination devices.

​​​​Ignite Your Spark

$ 40

​​Divination 111

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​$ 50


By combining Feng Shui with Manifesting, you can create an environment full of warmth, tranquility and comfort and bring in abundance and prosperity

​​Brite Blessings​​

With Cheryl Howdyshell.

​Manifesting in Your Magical Space

Wicca Essentials

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